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Peter MacKay says current focus is on new gig as lawyer with Baker and McKenzie, not politics


Peter MacKay says he always intended to go into a career in law, not politics. He’s returning to his roots by taking a role as a partner in the Toronto office of global law firm, Baker & McKenzie LLP. He starts Feb. 1. Having answered media questions for 20 years, …

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Peter MacKay expected to join Toronto office of global law firm Baker and McKenzie


Peter MacKay, a high ranking cabinet member in the previous Conservative government, is joining the Toronto office of global law firm of Baker & McKenzie as a partner. Baker & McKenzie will announce Monday morning that MacKay will join the firm as a partner on Feb. 1. MacKay served as …

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Peter Foster: Anti-oil mayors are kings in Naomi Klein World


Following his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, Montreal mayor Denis Coderre appeared to back off somewhat from his radical opposition to the Energy East pipeline. But Mayor Coderre’s alarmism, and apparent disregard for the regulatory process of the National Energy Board, is profoundly significant. It represents what …

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Peter Foster: Uneasy peace in the Great Bear Rainforest


The GBR agreement appears to legitimize misinformation and intimidation as bargaining tools Monday’s agreement on “protection” for B.C.’s so-called Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) is being sold as a shining example of reasonable and responsible compromise between the economy and the environment; a model in which government, aboriginal groups, industry and …

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Peter Foster: The UN’s climate collector is here — and he wants us to pay up


The United Nations may be useless when it comes to dealing with despots and disease, and unable to control its own peacekeeping rapists, but the one thing at which it cannot fail is posturing about climate. That’s because the metrics of success are nothing as mundane as temperatures or weather: …

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Peter Tertzakian: World’s oil supply on the brink of being permanently damaged at these prices


The price for a barrel of oil is dancing in and out of the $20 range, the first time since 2003. And the analyst chatter is reveling in its bearish tone, skeptical of any meaningful recovery anytime soon, even after today’s half-hearted OPEC announcement. Sure, the Doha deal is flawed, …

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Peter Foster: Naomi Klein stars in ‘This Misrepresents Everything’


Apart from the stock shots of effluent pipes and belching smokestacks, Naomi Klein’s idea of objectivity about the Alberta oilsands is to find a worker prepared to blow his nose on a banknote in a Fort McMurray bar. Scenes like this make Klein’s documentary This Changes Everything, which will air on …

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Peter Tertzakian: Will electric cars unplug oil prices?


Electric car sales are starting to get traction. Analytically, the numbers are showing growth. But you don’t need a spreadsheet to see the trend. Cars built by Tesla, BMW and others are turning heads at street corners – and turning investor sentiment too. So, Arthur’s question was unsurprising. And it …

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