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Enbridge Inc willing to grow through acquisitions


CALGARY – Enbridge Inc. has indicated a new willingness to grow by buying up firms with depressed share prices Thursday. “We’re going to look at all of the aspects of potential merger and acquisition opportunities. Typically, we’ve been focused on organic growth,” Enbridge president and CEO Al Monaco said on …

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Children can now talk to their toys — and marketers, hackers are trying to listen in


Your daughter rips open the wrapping paper and screams with excitement – it’s Talk To Me Tammy! After connecting the doll to your home’s wireless network through a smartphone app, she and Tammy start chatting. Tammy tells her jokes, quizzes her on some math questions and says her favourite colour …

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OPEC’s ‘victory’ against rivals comes at heavy price


So this is what winning looks like. Jackie Forrest: Why the OPEC price war will rage on November 27th marks the one year anniversary since Saudi Arabia made the watershed decision to pivot from protecting oil price to maximizing market share. The members of the cartel will meet again, to …

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Alabama Graphite – Straight to Battery Ready


Alabama Graphite – Straight to Battery Ready Alabama Graphite Corp. (V.ALP) has released a Preliminary Economic Assessment on its Coosa graphite project in central Alabama. Reading through the PEA and the press release, it is immediately apparent that there are a number of features which truly differentiate Alabama Graphite from …

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Why OPEC has no choice but to keep pumping more oil


On Friday, Paris was full of people trying to change the world and Vienna was full of people trying to cope with a changing world. This is not a coincidence. So this is what winning looks like: OPEC's 'victory' against rivals comes at heavy price While OPEC’s strategy has cancelled …

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Making a case for pipelines: ‘I would feel more secure now than ever,’ says Brenda Kenny


Based on the nasty public and political debate over whether to approve oil pipelines, you’d think Canada’s vast network was leaking like a sieve, is prone to catastrophic accidents, is owned by unscrupulous corporations and is regulated by tyrants on the take. Then, there are the facts: • In half …

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Why it’s not yet time for an energy M&A binge


It seems natural that the current weak commodity price environment will lead to more M&A, given how many cheap opportunities are out there for companies with strong balance sheets. But an examination by RBC Capital Markets of the past 20 years, which encompassed four major downtrends, demonstrates that has not …

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British Columbia gets access to China’s Panda bond program


British Columbia, which has been building financial ties with China for many years and in the process establishing a series of Canadian firsts, is set to make another innovation with investors from the world’s largest country. This week the AAA-rated province received approval from the Peoples’ Bank of China to …

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From politics to Bay Street: first Ian Robertson and now Jenni Byrne


For the second time in the past year a former director for the losing Conservative Party campaign has moved to the financial world from the world of politics. On Friday Bayfield Strategy Inc., which defines itself as “a leading financial communications firm,” welcomed Jenni Byrne to its team. Byrne was …

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Be ready to buy gold equities: J.P. Morgan


Most analysts are cautious on gold these days, especially since the market anticipates a rate hike from the U.S. Federal Reserve next week. But there is some mild optimism seeping into the forecasts for 2016, including the one from J.P. Morgan analyst John Bridges, who pointed out that gold has …

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