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Six reasons OPEC’s oil market disarray looks like the 1990s slump all over again


OPEC has seemingly dropped any attempt at trying to fulfill its founding mission and manage the oil market, sending global benchmark Brent crude to a six-year low. For Saudi Arabia’s Ali al-Naimi, the most powerful and longest-serving of the group’s oil ministers, it may have seemed like history was repeating …

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New exempt market rules take effect in Ontario with harmony across most of the country


For years, investors in Ontario have suffered in relation to their counterparts in Western Canada for access to certain types of investments. That will change Wednesday when a new set of rules governing access to private capital investment opportunities, the exempt market, comes into effect in the country’s largest province. …

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Ontario’s new exempt market rules has supporters and detractors


Don’t count Jerome Hass, a portfolio manager at Toronto-based Lightwater Partners Ltd., among the supporters of the new exempt market rules that went into effect in Ontario this week. One of the key changes is an offering memorandum (OM) exemption that will allow investors to participate in private capital investment …

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Postmedia integrating four major market newsrooms following Sun acquisition


Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced Tuesday it will integrate the newsrooms of Sun and Postmedia newspapers in Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, resulting in about 90 job losses. In a memo, Postmedia chief executive Paul Godfrey said the Sun brand will remain separate from that of the broadsheet newspaper in …

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Forget the glut, even market insiders are saying oil has entered irrational territory


World oil markets quietly breached an important barrier as they crashed nearly 30 per cent to below $30 a barrel in the opening weeks of 2016, crossing the fuzzy line separating a rational response to fundamentals from an irrational fear where the only way forward is down, down, down. Animal …

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The global bond market rally is so crazy it’s starting to look like panic


Sovereign bonds surged, sending the Japanese benchmark 10-year yield below zero for the first time, as investors seeking the safest assets gorged on government debt. Treasury yields dropped to a one-year low and those on short-dated German securities dropped to records in the rush to refuge from a worldwide stock …

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This market is more 2011 than 2008, say analysts, complete with ‘quite severe’ rolling bear market


Financial markets have been flashing a lot of warning signs in the past month that have spooked investors and led to a flight from risk for much of this year, drawing parallels to the financial crisis of 2008. Like that year, banks are the big focus, with investors this week …

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Market turmoil leads to less appetite for risk by pension funds, State Street global survey finds


For those employees with a defined benefit pension plan, the ride ahead looks enjoyable; for those with a defined contribution plan the ride will be less enjoyable while those without a pension plan, start saving. Those differences result from the type of pension funds being offered by employers, and the …

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No need for market gloom on China — the eurozone is the real economic disaster to worry about


Regular readers would not normally look to me as a source of optimism. Yet, in the midst of the current all-enveloping gloom about the world economic outlook, although not exactly optimistic, I find myself nothing like as pessimistic as the financial markets appear to be. Why the next recession could …

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Why the market is digesting Enbridge Inc’s $2B equity offering easily


For those who had doubts about the markets’ ability to digest large equity offerings, they can look no further than the $2 billion common share offering by Enbridge Inc. The deal, the second by the company in the past 18 months, was announced after markets closed on Wednesday. The challenge …

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