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Investors rights at most REITs not up to standards, governance group warns


TORONTO — Real estate income trusts, which are proliferating on public stock exchanges in Canada, are coming under pressure to make it easier for discontented unit holders to be heard and to seek remedies. The push is coming from a corporate governance group backed by some of Canada’s largest pension …

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Mainland Chinese investors expected to be growing force in Canada’s commercial real estate in 2016


Investment in commercial real estate is expected to decline for the fourth straight year in 2016 despite the growing presence of Mainland Chinese investors in the marketplace, according to a new forecast. In a report out Tuesday, provided exclusively to the Financial Post, real estate firm CBRE predicts investment in commercial …

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CIBC and TD profit rises, but investors still bracing for signs of weakness


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s personal and commercial banking unit was resilient in its fourth quarter, with profit rising 8.8 per cent from the same period last year to $655 million, but it could have been even better if it hadn’t set aside more money for loan losses. Funds that …

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Investors can’t get enough of Canadian banks’ NVCCC preferreds as buffer to turbulent markets


Bank issues on viable contingent capital in the form of rate reset preferred shares is the $2- billion plus flavor of the month for investors. Given that they all pay attractive yields and are relatively risk free, they are attractive to buy certainly when considered alongside the negativity affecting the …

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Foreign investors are cashing out of Canada’s provinces just when we need them the most


Foreign investors are cashing out of the Canadian provincial-bond market just when borrowers need them the most. Yields of Canadian provincial bonds have widened against their federal benchmarks, with oil-producing regions such as Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Alberta hit the hardest. Spreads for those provinces have widened at least 35 basis …

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Hydro One’s ‘showcase’ IPO offered investors a slice of stability in uncertain times


Launching an IPO seems risky in a downturn, but the Ontario government’s decision to list 15 per cent of electrical utility Hydro One was embraced by the market as a stock that offered a slice of stability in uncertain times. Despite retaining 85 per cent of the company, the Ontario …

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Why investors need to read between the lines of rumour and news


Here’s an investing rule for you: Be wary of pearls of wisdom. Any “pearl” that can be summed up in six words or less might have the benefit of making life easier, but often that’s about it, and following these bits of conventional wisdom too closely can be a recipe …

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Gold is back in vogue with investors, but the question is, does this rally have legs?


Gold is back in vogue as investors seek out a safe haven amid growing global volatility. The question is whether this gold rally will have legs, or whether it will fizzle out like numerous others over the past few years. The yellow metal is in the midst of a tremendous …

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Chinese investors snag Vancouver’s biggest real estate prize: All four towers of the Bentall Centre


Chinese investors have won one of the most important commercial real estate auctions in Vancouver history, swooping in to grab a controlling interest in all four towers of the Bentall Centre. Mainland Chinese investors expected to be growing force in Canada’s commercial real estate in 2016 Investment in commercial real …

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How oil investors can manage their climate change risk


Do tougher climate change policies diminish investment returns from crude oil assets, facilities and pipelines? Not necessarily, because not all crude oils are the same. Tougher greenhouse gas policies are to be expected over the next several years. Last December at the COP conference in Paris, 196 countries pledged to …

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