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Canada’s Finance Minister admits economy in worse shape than Ottawa thought


HALIFAX — The federal finance minister says the Canadian economy is suffering from slower growth than originally projected by the former Conservative government. Bill Morneau told several hundred people attending a Halifax Chamber of Commerce luncheon that his department’s projections on growth since the 2015 budget have fallen due to …

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Postmedia Network Inc, Mogo Finance Technology team up for marketing, revenue sharing agreement


Online lender Mogo Finance Technology Inc. and Postmedia Network Inc. are teaming up with a novel marketing and revenue sharing agreement that opens the door to the media company buying shares in the fintech firm. How a former Lehman banker and his twin brother’s credit crisis experiences helped shape Mogo …

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau to present federal budget week of March 21: sources


OTTAWA — Canada’s new Liberal government is set to unveil its first budget in the week of March 21, two sources with knowledge of the process said on Tuesday. The budget, which the Liberals have pledged will include major new spending aimed at boosting a flagging economy, is most likely …

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau defends bigger deficits, sticking to Liberals’ stimulus script


OTTAWA — As debut performances go, Finance Minister Bill Morneau managed to stick close to the Liberal script on the need for deficit-fuelled stimulus spending, and avoided any major policy pratfalls, in his first appearance before Canadian lawmakers. Bill Morneau names Dominic Barton, head of McKinsey & Co., to government’s …

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