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Already stung by UberX, traditional cabs may face new challenge with Téo — Canada’s first electric taxi fleet


MONTREAL — Canada’s first electric taxi service will be out on the streets of Montreal next week, though some worry this green innovation may only add to the struggles for traditional cab owners already hit hard by the UberX car-sharing app. Montreal entrepreneur and investor Alexandre Taillefer presented the new company, called …

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Oilfield services companies face a 2016 where there’s little left to cut


While some of his peers are shuttering their business or moving their rigs out of Canada to friendlier jurisdictions, Rene Amirault is staying put. Deficit, belt-tightening and new taxes: Like Alberta, Saudi Arabia is finally feeling oil crash pain Claudia Cattaneo: Too bad the world’s top oil exporter isn’t saving …

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Man nabbed in Mexico to face securities fraud charges in Alberta


A man accused of securities fraud by the Alberta Securities Commission in 2014 has been arrested in Mexico and returned to Canada to face the charges. Kenneth Charles Fowler and another man, Douglas Wayne Schneider, were charged in January 2014 with fraud and other securities offences in the Provincial Court …

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Canadians without company pension plan face uphill battle to stay out of poverty, study finds


Many aging Canadians do not have nearly enough saved up for retirement, a new study from the Broadbent Institute suggests. Canadians without an employee pension represent 47 per cent of those aged 55-64 in the country. A mere 15-20 per cent in this group are middle-class with enough savings to …

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Canada’s licensed pot producers face uncertainty after court says patients can grow their own


Canada’s nascent medical marijuana industry is being thrown into new turmoil by a court ruling that threatens to undercut its business model. Sugar high: Why Canada’s marijuana growers are in a race to make their pot taste delicious For more than four decades, Smiths Falls was known as the “Chocolate …

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