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How much oil is OPEC pumping? 900,000 barrels a day more than the world needs


OPEC raised crude output to the highest in more than three years as it pressed on with a strategy to protect market share and pressure competing producers. Tax hikes, carbon caps and now $37 crude: For Canada’s oilpatch, the bad news just keeps coming With the latest oil price collapse, …

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Canada’s challenge is how to make money selling the world’s cheapest oil — but it can be done


CALGARY — Rock bottom oil prices could be the single biggest challenge facing Canada’s economy in 2016. Never mind $35 a barrel, Canada’s oil is selling for closer to $20 As oil crashes through $35 in New York today, Alberta, which produces the world’s cheapest oil at the highest cost, …

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Turquoise Hill secures landmark US$4.4B financing for Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia


Canadian miner Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. is set to make a massive investment in Mongolia’s Oyu Tolgoi mine after securing a landmark US$4.4 billion financing package, one of the largest ever seen in the industry. Vancouver-based Turquoise Hill unveiled the package early Tuesday. The capital is being provided by a …

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Despite BofC’s dovish rate stance, a Fed hike may steepen Canada’s yield curve making borrowing more pricey


Canada may see higher bond yields and a steeper yield curve as the U.S. Federal Reserve begins to hike rates, according to market players, weighing on the economy while raising borrowing costs for consumers and businesses. The U.S. central bank is widely expected to raise benchmark interest rates on Wednesday …

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Toronto is still most expensive city for office space, while Calgary drops fast


Bay and King streets, often referred to as centre ice in the office leasing world, continues to be the most expensive place in the country for commercial space, according to a new study. Dropping fast is Calgary where the the average rent on 8th street dipped to $45.60 per square …

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Even China is sending a message to OPEC: Oil prices have fallen too far


The world’s biggest energy consumer may have a message for OPEC. China’s decision to suspend fuel price cuts as crude continues its decline is sending a signal to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that prices are too low, according to a report from Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. The …

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The dark side of metal streaming deals: Strapped mining companies trade future value for cash


In September, Robert Quartermain did something highly unusual for a mining executive — he signed a streaming deal with an early exit strategy. Precious metal streaming companies looking to team up to tackle bigger deals Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of opportunities available in volatile commodity markets, precious-metal “streaming” companies …

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Transport Canada eyes more safety tests for Volkswagen amid emissions scandal


OTTAWA — The federal government has plans to increase the number of Volkswagen vehicles it runs through safety tests in light of an ongoing scandal into their cars being designed to cheat on emissions tests. While there have been no major safety issues with Volkswagens in the last seven years, …

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You can’t judge high frequency trading by the view from the stock pits, study finds


Nearly two years after author Michael Lewis made waves with Flash Boys, his book that claimed the capital markets are “rigged” as a result a new breed of traders making ultra-fast electronic high-frequency trades, the debate rages on about their true impact. The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada compiled …

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Extreme bears are betting oil is going as low as $25, $20 and even $15 a barrel in 2016


Oil speculators are buying options contracts that will only pay out if crude drops to as low as US$15 a barrel next year, the latest sign some investors expect an even deeper slump in energy prices. 'We all know someone who has lost a job': Oil crash takes heavy toll …

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